(IGF) The International Guillaume Fondation 2008

“The young generation of Intercoiffure Mondial”

Guidelines for Juniors of the IGF at international events.
Main purpose
The IGF offers to the young generation an opportunity and a platform for getting a sense and a feeling for international relationship and making them aware and acquainted with other costumes, habits and cultures. The IGF sustains the efforts of the young generation in thinking and acting on a global level. The IGF means a platform to the young people of our industry in order to make friendship beyond all boarders and cultures. The more our young friends are involved and integrated within Intercoiffure Mondial, the more the future of our great family Intercoiffure will be granted.
The Juniors of the IFG and the members of the International Fashion Team (IFT) gives Intercoiffure a visible young and powerful face. They are standing for a young spirit and the dynamic purpose of Intercoiffure Mondial within their countries. The Juniors of the IGF are acting as convinced and enthusiastic ambassadors within their own countries.

“Junior Groupe”
The IFT and the Juniors at a Forum Seminar are acting as a group. Therefore neither an IFT-member nor a participating Junior can bring anybody from the outside into the “Junior Group” who is not invited (such as partners, spouses, parents, friends, relatives etc..)

Who can join a “ Junior Groupe”?
Employees, sons, daughters of each Intercoiffure member worldwide.

Hotel accommodations
When organized by the IFT, all Juniors andIFT-members are staying at the official Hotel during the Formum Seminar.

Age of Juniors
18 – 27 years. (Exceptions are decided by the COCO-GF)

Dates and duration of the Forum Seminars
Normally about days at the Performance in Paris (September) or at a World congress. Only applications for a full seminar are accepted.

Responsibility and commitment
The members of the Fashion Team of the GF are taking over the responsibility of all events and of all activities during the Forum Seminar. All Juniors taking part at such an event commit themselves to follow the assignments and the instructions of the FT in respect of hairstyling, out-fit, presentation and behaviour etc..

How often can a Junior join the International Junior group?
In order to giving a chance to every member’s employees or relatives, a Junior only can one time participate at such an event. (exceptions are decided by the COCO-GF)

Selection of Junior within the sections
It is up to the section, how to select a Junior out of the candidates. Anyhow, each member of the Intercoiffure should have the opportunity to sent at least one employee or a relative for selections within the section.

1. Questionnaire
Must be filled by typewriter or by computer and has to be sent directly to the coordinator and signed by the President of the section.
2. Deadlines
In order to grant a smooth organisation, each section and each Junior has to respect the given deadline by the coordinator of the Fashion Team.
3. Languages
At least some English knowledge is a big help, mainly to communicate within the group. Anyhow, the members of the FT are speaking all together about 10 different languages and they are understanding easily different cultures habits.

Financial questions
According to the actual rate, defined by the COCO-FG (Performance Paris 2006 = Euro)
With the signed application form the section commits itself to guarantees the definitive application and commits itself for a punctual payment to the bank account of the GF, regardless, from where and when the money comes within the section.
Only after receipt of the Seminar contribution at the account of the Guillaume Foundation and after the duly confirmation, the application is valid.
What is included?
For each event the COCO-IGF defines 2 separate lists of the most important details of what is included and has to paid personally. The sections are obliged to inform the Junior-Candidates prior to the selections about these cost-splittings.
Financial support in favour to the Juniors may come from: parents, the employer, the sections or from others. Anyhow it is always up to the sections to take an adequate decision and to communicate it to their members. Most of the sections are covering these kind of expenses partly or totally.