(IFT) The International Fashion Team 2000

Basic Regulations for (IFT) of the (IFG)

How to become a member?

1. Candidate

Age of candidates: minimum: 20 // maximum: 32

Duration for being candidate: minimum one full year with at least one full participation as a candidate at an International Forum Seminar.
Waiting list: If the maximum number (15) of regular member is reached, the candidate has to wait for a free position.
Election of a regular member: After a successful time of candidature the whole IFT will vote by 2/3 of the present members in order to take the candidate as a full member.

2. Regular members

Number of members: minimum 10 members, maximum 15 members

Age of members: minimum 21 years old and maximum 45 years
Age exceptions: If a IFT members holds an indispensable and essential position, the COCO-IFG and 2/3 of the present members of the IFT are entitled to make exceptions.


3. Personal requirements

Professional qualities: Successful hairdresser, passion for hair and beauty. Communication in English should be possible.
Personal attitude: Integrity, solidarity, open for international relationship and friendship. Tolerant and understanding for other customs, habits and other culture, beyond politics, religion, nationalism and racism.

4. The International Focus

In order to reflect the international structure and culture of Intercoiffure Mondial the IFT-members should be able to find an easy way to communicate with Juniors around the world. Some of the IFT-members should be able to speak one or more foreign languages. The structure of the IFT should reflect the international level of Intercoiffure Mondial. Mainly the continents and Regions should be represented.
Languages (for practical reasons): English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, etc.
Other languages are welcome and highly appreciated.
Continents, Regions, Countries: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean.

5. Who can apply

Each young hairdresser who is fulfilling the criteria of these regulations and is working within an Intercoiffure salon or is a son or a daughter of an Intercoiffure member can apply.
Applicants who are already serving within their Intercoiffure Section as President of the National Fondation Guillaume (Licence) have priority.

General information

6. How to proceed

1. The candidate sends an application letter to the CEO of the Fondation Guillaume with the signature as an improvement of the President of the Section.
2. The COCO-IFG will check the applications and if the conditions are fulfilled, the IFT will receive the adequate information for a first vote.
3. If everything is ok, the candidate will be invited at one of the next meetings and one of the Fashion Team members will be appointed as a God-mother or a God-father to the candidate.
4. According to these regulations, the IFT will vote about the candidature and later on for a full membership.

7. Finance

Direct expenses in connection with the formal events and only when a member is officially invited by the COCO-IFG can be partly or totally reimbursed as long as the financial situation of the IFG allows such expenses. Candidates are usually not reimbursed, but in all cases, the decision is up to the COCO-IFG.

8. Exclusion

8.1 For Reasons within the Sections
A candidate or a member who is not working anymore within an Intercoiffure salon or whose parents or one of them are not Intercoiffure members anymore cannot remain as a member or as a candidate. It is up to the President of the Section to inform the CEO of the Fondation Guillaume by written letter.
8.2 Other Reasons
When a candidate or a member acts against the purpose, the interests, the spirit of the IFG, or against the interests of Intercoiffure in general, the IFT of the IFG has the right to exclude one by two/third of the present members and with an improvement of the COCO-IFG. The same procedure will be applied if one acts against the basic regulations or the internal regulations of the IFT of the IFG.

9. Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, etc.

9.1 By-laws of the Fondation Guillaume.
9.2 Internal Regulations of the Board of the Fondation Guillaume.
9.3 The licence
9.4 Basic Regulations
9.5 Internal Regulation of the Flying Fashion Team    
9.6 Guidelines for Juniors
9.7 Awards of the Board of the Fondation Guillaume and the Fashion Team of the FG

10. Validity

These Basic Regulations were accepted at the meeting by the Board of directors of La Fondation Guillaume and the International Fashion Team of the International Fondation Guillaume on May 16th 2008 in Rio de Janeiro.

Concept of the Flying Fashion Team (FFT) of the Fondation Guillaume

What about the Fashion Team FT?
The actual FT has 15 members from 11 different countries, speaking 12 languages. Most of them are excited to do a presentation at a National or Regional Congress. This group we are calling the Flying Fashion Team (FFT).

Procedure of the FFT
The FFT is liable to perform up to 2 ??” 3 events per year (but we are flexible) We usually send 2 ??” 3 FFT members per event (but we are flexible). Sometimes we include Juniors who performed at the Mondial Performance in Paris.

How to apply?
Intercoiffure Sections that wish to have the FFT at their congress must email their request to Mr Otto Sommer (Managing Director Fondation Guillaume): otto.sommer@coiffina.ch (copy to: therese.maurer@coiffina.ch) Otto Sommer will discuss and decide it with the CoCo-Team. (Coordination Team)

Cost Sharing
The Fondation Guillaume pays for:
– The flight ticket (or another means of transportation) from home country into host country
– The Hotel for max. 3 nights
– Small pocket money

The Host Section is responsible for all other costs and supports such as:
– Transport: Airport, Hotel, Airport
– Transport from the hotel
– event hall
– Models for presentation including casting, preparation and rehearsal
– Choreography, music, clothes
– Food and beverage for the FFT
– Congress fee

The Section will delegate a member taking care for the FFT during the whole period.

Who from the FFT members is going?
CoCo makes a proposition on which member of the FFT will perform at the event. The host country agrees or wants another proposition.

The CoCo sends a confirmation with details to the country.