(NGF) National Guillaume Foundation 2010


The National Guillaume Foundation (NGF) is a lisensed group of the International Guillaume Foundation (IGF). The NGF is a part of a country section of Intercoiffure Mondial. It is always an internal group and has in no way an independent legal structure.

Who we are
We are a group of young professionals within the Hair and Beauty Industry and we are a chapter of Intercoiffure ……………………………………………… (name of the country)

Business location & address
The NGF is located at the address of the President of the International Guillaume Foundation (IGF) or at the President of the section or at the official office of the section. The section and the NGF commits themselves to choose one of these addresses and gives the information to the official office of the IGF and to the head quarter of Intercoiffure Mondial.

The main goals of Guillaume Foundation are fostering and motivating young colleagues within the hair and beauty industry in order to enable them to acquire special techniques and to develop a passion for beauty and aesthetics. Another target is furthering a mutual understanding in order to bring peace and friendship to the world by communicating between national and international members of Intercoiffure Mondial and the Guillaume Foundation. The world wide Intercoiffure family stands as an example for culture and solidarity and gives the young generation the great chance to develop them selves, to grow up and see the world of other talented junior members. The NGF gives the young generation an opportunity to travel on a national and international level, doing seminars, shows, technical demonstrations and culture and social events for other colleagues and potential clients.

Taking part at the yearly competition (photography, personal presentations, etc.) in order to select the winners, who are able to join regional congresses, Forum Seminars at the Mondial Performance or participate at the World Congresses.
The NGF is granting a Forum where the young generation can develop themselves at the regular meetings, where competent professionals will feed them with all kind of inspiration in order to become a highly professional hairdresser and strong personality.

Legal Situation

4.1 The Licence Agreement of the International Guillaume Foundation (IGF)
 The section of Intercoiffure Mondial who has signed such a licence with the IFG is entitled to create a group, a chapter etc. as a part of the country section, so called IGF.

4.2 Situation within the country
The NGF is collaborating actively with the president and the Board of the lisensed country. Anyhow the final saying is up to the lisensed section with the President and the Board.

The Board (including the President)

5.1 Who can be elected
– Every Intercoiffure member of any category,
– Sons or Daughters of any Intercoiffure Member,
– Employees working within an Intercoiffure salon
Minimum of age is twenty years. Afterwards there is no limit of age.
5.2 Number of Board Member 
3-10 members

5.3 Election, procedure and who elects
The election of Board members for the first time is up to the licence country. For further election the procedure is as following
A: The Members of the NGF are electing the Board members
B: The election of the new Board members are only valid after the approval of the General Assembly of the licence section.

5.4 Period of service
3 years

5.5 Board Meetings
Minimum 3 per year

5.6 Yearly Meeting
Board and members: minimum once a year.

The members: “The Juniors

6.1 Qualified Hairdressers

6.2 Every Intercoiffure member of any category, Sons or Daughters of any Intercoiffure Member, Employees working within an Intercoiffure salon

6.3 Age of Juniors 
From 18 to 39 years
6.4 How to become a member
Applying for membership at the President of the NGF
The candidates gets elected by the yearly meeting (Board and members of the NGF) by simple majority.


7.1 Membership fee per year
Minimum EURO 120 per year (or an adequate other currency)

7.2 National Guillaume Foundation cashier
One Board member of the NGF is responsible for the cashier

7.3 Sponsors
The NGF is free for getting sponsorship from any donators in accordance with a licence section. The privilege partners of Intercoiffure Mondial, Wella and L’Oréal have priority

7.4 Other income
It’s up to NGF and the licence country

7.5 Controlling by the Licence section
The licensed section is entitled to control at anytime the cashier, the financial structure etc. of the NGF

7.6 Compensation
All Board members are working on a voluntary basis

7.7 The IGF
The NGF has not to pay any yearly fee to the IGF. The yearly licence fee has to be paid by the lisensed section to the International Guillaume Foundation according to the licence agreement


8.1 Calendar year
January 1st – December 31st

Advantages of the a section with a licence agreement
– Priority of participation at all international events
– Priority by booking members of the Flying Fashion Team of the Guillaume Foundation
– Special portal (chat room) with all national and international members of the Guillaume Foundation
– 25% discount by buying articles of NGF (such as T-Shirts, CD-Rom, Sculptures, Books, Pins, Posters etc.

Activities within the country